Love In Action

Psycho-social support and humanitarian assistance to:

  • Separated parents and their children.
  • Unemployed and people with financial difficulties.
  • Orphanages and other organizations that help children.
  • Seniors who are alone and have financial difficulties
  • Ιmmigrants
  • Victims of violence and racism

Humanitarian aid:

Collect food and clothes at our place in Nea Makri (Lyvisiou 2) every Tuesday morning 10:00 to 13:30.

We are happy because till now we have helped five single parent families and two families. Recently we sent a lot of clothes in Africa through an African Christian Church. We also helped some people to find work, which is more important than food and clothes.

Psychosocial support

Your vision for 2015 is to operate free telephone support from psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselor, life coach, holistic healers, flower essence healers.