Wonderful World
Educational Cultural Humanitarian
Non Profitable Organization

In these hard times that we live in, creating a beautiful world seems like a utopia, or at least, so it sounds. And yet, when someone is living through his heart, and his intention is to express all its beauties, then he can make his life beautiful.

So, we got inspired to create a ‘family” , a “community”, a non profitable organization so to expand the idea of positive thinking – feeling – giving.!To promote natural health issues ,art creations and as many beautiful things a man can create for the benefit of all!


We have a vision upon which we base all our efforts. Our vision is to establish creative centers for adults and children in as many cities as possible. The joy of creation, the joy to be a part of a group – team, the joy of new knowledge,the joy of the game, the joy  of solidarity, to spread as far as possible. To create  positive energy centers everywhere! These centers to become sources of joy for the yound and elder to come and enjoy their time ! Cause of the  weights and the misery of economic crisis, we forgot to rejoice!

We want to prove that the money will not prevent us to make our vision a reality. Even for those (money) that we need, we believe will find them through contributions – donations from people who can afford and want from the heart to help, so each person  unrelated his- her economic situation to enjoy our company!

We will be glad if you become a part of this team, any way you want!

Wish you the best for your life!